hello + welcome

Hi, there! I’m Kendra-anne! Virgo. Aries Rising. Moon in Gemini. Hufflepuff. Mom. Wife. Lover of all chocolate, except white chocolate, I just can’t do it. I, also, LOVE reading. But, enough about me. My goal for every session is to make you feel comfortable enough to get genuine reactions from you. In accordance with that, I love photographing clients in soft, flattering light. Golden hour is wonderful as is the light I get in my studio! In order for you to feel comfortable + to get you photographed in the most flattering light, we need to always have an open communication line. I do my best to answer all questions thrown my way and to give the best to my knowledge answers. If I don’t have a response,I will work with you in order to find one! So, let’s get together and chat to see if I am a good fit for your needs! <3


New Hampshire Portrait Photographer.