These are a few of my favorite things…right now!

This is my very first blog post, ever! I chose to utilize the situation and post a few pictures of the things that I am loving right now!

My rings, fine, I’m always loving my rings!



My new-to-me Canon 5D Mark II.



This adorable floral lantern that I found at the thrift shop!



Native Deodorant! I have struggled finding an aluminum free deodorant that I love, and TRUST me, the sweet scents and coverage of Native, will not let you down!



And, last but not least, these two beautiful nail polishes! I NEVER paint my nails, I HATE it! But, with Wedding Season in full force, it is nice to feel like I can look like a woman who is put together.


So, there it is! My first, ever, blog post! I can’t wait to get used to posting more!