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Tom + Dani’s Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Private Residence, 9.9.18

I have known Dani, for almost 20 years. She is one of my Sister’s Best Friends. I knew the moment she spoke with me about photographing her wedding I would cry. The amount of emotion from both, Dani + Tom, was incredible. You could feel the meaning behind their words and it was beautiful to witness. Also, snagging that shot of their dog, Anna, protecting them as they said their vows was perfection.

Congratulations, you two. ❤


These are a few of my favorite things…right now!

This is my very first blog post, ever! I chose to utilize the situation and post a few pictures of the things that I am loving right now!

My rings, fine, I’m always loving my rings!



My new-to-me Canon 5D Mark II.



This adorable floral lantern that I found at the thrift shop!



Native Deodorant! I have struggled finding an aluminum free deodorant that I love, and TRUST me, the sweet scents and coverage of Native, will not let you down!



And, last but not least, these two beautiful nail polishes! I NEVER paint my nails, I HATE it! But, with Wedding Season in full force, it is nice to feel like I can look like a woman who is put together.


So, there it is! My first, ever, blog post! I can’t wait to get used to posting more!