k.a.m.p boudie SESSION guide

AHHHHH! SO YOU wanna book a boudoir session! 😀


A FEW THINGS TO TAKE NOTE OF : PLEASE DO SOME STRETCHING OR YOGA BEFORE AND AFTER YOUR SESSION. We will be doing a lot of arching of your back if we are able too! ALSO, please do not wear tight clothing the day of. We don’t want to have any red marks or indents in your skin. PLEASE COME IN WITH A WASHED FACE AND CLEAN DRY HAIR FOR HAIR + MAKE-UP. PLEASE DRINK PLENTY OF WATER + EAT BEFORE YOU COME! If you do not want to be bloated, eat some plain + filling foods that are good to your body. I do usually have water in my studio and I have a keurig!


When you get to 6 West Broadway, Derry NH 03038 you will notice that it is a HUGE brick building. On the front of the building there is a GIANT GOLD 6 and the only storefront that faces the street is Wayne’s World Tattoo. The building is nestled in between TWO parking lots, Merchant’s Row Parking and Abbott Court Parking. Please park in Abbot Court Parking, there has been a lot of cars in Merchant’s Row and it is only 2 hour parking. You will be in my studio for longer than that. There is street parking available on West Broadway (route 102) if that is what you are more comfortable with. When you park at Abbot Court Parking, there is a set of stairs on the left side of the parking lot. Please take those stairs to the rail trail/merchant’s row parking. Then, just walk over to the red sidewalk, where Ultimate Attraction hair salon is, walk a tid bit further to the big black door. I can meet you there to let you in! The doors always lock. There is also a side door if you are in Abbott Ct parking, walk towards the brick building up towards 102 and just after the Loaner’s Closet, there is another door and I can meet you there to let you in!

NOW, that you are officially here, it is HAIR AND MAKE-UP TIME! 😀 Super easy, take a seat, relax, and let one of the AMAZING hair and make-up artists that I work with do their magic. <3

After hair and make-up, it is time to change and get to shooting! I always start with the outfit that COVERS you most. It is an easy transition to get used to being in front of the camera. Then we will do the bed poses and a few standing against the wall and then change again, and utilize the small couch that I have. The actually shooting time varies anywhere between 1-2 hours long.

YAY YOU BADASS! YOU FINISHED YOUR SESSION!! <3 <3 <3 Here is the time when we would chat about beforehand. You can either run across the street and grab a coffee and relax at the Grind Rail Trail Cafe, or grab a bite to eat somewhere in town and then come back about an hour later and we will do your viewing/ordering session! OR you can be done with me for the day and make an appointment for the following week (or withing the next couple following weeks) to do your reveal/ordering session. During your viewing/ordering session you will see your FINAL IMAGES AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT YOUR ALBUM SPREADS WILL LOOK LIKE (I always draft up what an 8×8 album would look like)! ahhhhh! And you will make your final decisions on what products you would like! If you know beforehand what you would like to order you can ALWAYS do a pre-payment plan and pay off your products so you can get them asap. If you are choosing to order at your viewing/ordering session payment is due upfront or you can do a post-payment plan. With post-payment plans, you will NOT receive your products until after you balance is paid in FULL. Product orders are NON-REFUNDABLE.

what to wear :

Okay so this is the MOST TALKED ABOUT PORTION OF YOUR SESSION! I do NOT have a client closet, simply because I want you to feel POWERFUL AS FUUUUUCK in your outfit choices. I want you to be able to try them an on feel SEXY AS HELL. I ALWAYS recommend to bring a matching bra + panty set as a just in case. Teddies are super flattering on all body types, or if you want you can do a pair of high waisted undies with a crop top or slick bra, or you can do any lingerie you feel comfy in, a babydoll, a strapy two piece, a garter + belt, or honestly you can do LITERALLY ANYTHING! Here are some AWESOME AS FUUUUCK LINGERIE SITES TO CHECK OUT :


If you are worried at all about posing, DO NOT FRET, DARLING! Posing is a much easier game than you think, I promise! Pluuuuus, I will show you all of the poses myself before you try them. The ONE thing to remember is your facial expressions! Also, do not worry, I gotchyouuu. Just remember to stay relaxed, and as the session moves on, it gets even easier! You can ALWAYS use pinterest if there is a certain pose you would like to get. ALSO, you can bring what ever the fuck you want to your session to use as a prop, or your s/o’s sports jersey or coat or white button up, literally ANYTHING! (well, just nothing illegal and no guns)


Can you hide my *insert body part*? While I do possess the skills that do that, I am curious as to why you would want to hide it? Every Client comes to my with body insecurities, but part of my mission as a boudoir photographer is to help humans see the full spectrum of their beauty! This doesn’t mean we are going to do some close up photos of X body part or put a spotlight on it, but it also does not not mean we are going to hide X body part. You see, my goal is to give you an experience that will have you FEELING sexy, empowered, confident, pOwerful, UNSTOPPABLE! AT THE END OF YOUR SESSION AND WHEN YOU SEE YOUR PHOTOS, I WANT YOU TO CORRELATE THAT YOU FELT SEXY, BAD ASS, POWERFUL AS FUCK, not because of or without X body part, but rather WITH THIS BODY AS IT IS. You did something scary and amazing and you did it WITH THE BODY YOU HAVE! <3

What are your studio hours? I shoot Mon-Fri. I start hair and make-up at 11am during the school year and at 12pm during the summer. If you are looking for a weekend session there is an additional fee as weekends are reserved for weddings and time with my family.

How long are sessions? Sessions can be up to 4 hours long. So, be prepared to be with me a good chunk of your day.

How long does it take to receive images/products? If you choose to order a digital gallery I can send that asap/day of your session if paid in FULL. Physical Products can take up to 4-6 weeks.

Can I bring someone along with me? Yes, but only one person please. And please let them know that I will put them to work 😀 I recommend bringing someone who is going to HYPE YOU UP! If you bring someone and they aren’t hyping you up, they will be asked to leave so we can finish the session.

How do you take payments? I take cash, check or all major credit cards. I also, email invoices for your non-refundable session fee.

What is your studio’s address? 6 West Broadway #24 Derry NH 03038

So, what is boudoir? Boudoir technically is a French word which means ‘a woman’s dressing room or bedroom’, but I like to think of it as just a fancy word for women’s intimate portraiture. Boudoir is NOT pornographic. Boudoir can be fun, flirty, beautiful, cute, sexy, feminine, intimate, candid, posed, or really anything else you want it to be. If you have not already joined our private VIP group on Facebook, I highly suggest that you do! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1057205321303521

What would I do with boudoir portraits? I actually believe that boudoir is the best gift you can give YOURSELF, to capture your essence as you are now. When you need a reminder of the strong, beautiful woman that you are, you will have a collection of amazing portraits to look upon. I love it when women come to me for themselves. The images we create together will boost your self esteem and your confidence, and that should be celebrated by YOU! It will help you reclaim your femininity, your sexuality, two things that are often lost as we get consumed with our lives, our jobs, our families. Put that pep back in your step, and reflect on the bodacious babe you are. Celebrate the body that you live in! I don’t look like the women in your portfolio! There is no such thing as the perfect body. You are never too big, too small, too old, too young (well, I only accept boudoir clients who are 18+) to do a boudoir session. Boudoir is for every BODY.

Can you make me look thinner? I want to help you feel beautiful now, just the way you are. We flatter you with hair and makeup styling, a wardrobe that compliments your figure, and amazing lighting and posing techniques to highlight your best ass-sets (see what I did there?). I do not believe in heavy photoshopping. Don’t get me wrong, we will gladly remove all of your bruises and pimples, but we don’t want to over manipulate your body to make you look like someone you are not. We already live in a time where we are consumed with unrealistic bodies in the media, I want to show you that you are beautiful at this very moment.

We do not remove tan lines or correct skin tone from tanning beds or spray tans, so proceed with caution.

What will I wear? I have created a beautiful and comprehensive wardrobe guide that should give you the 411 on how to look and feel like a bombshell for your session. My policy is always “when in doubt, bring it”!

Do I get to talk to you before my session? Before your session we will have a consultation over the phone so that we can prepare you for your session and get to know you better. We are here for you every step of the way to make sure that you feel prepared and comfortable during this whole process. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Email is how we communicate with clients, you can email us any time kendraannemichellephotography@gmail.com

Who is going to be there the day of my session? Just you, a Hair and Make-up Artist (they will leave when you are all finished with hair and make-up) and myself! You can totally bring someone, a good hype friend, with you to your session AS LONG AS they are over the age of 18. Humans who are 18 and under ARE NOT ALLOWED in the studio for a boudoir session. (NO SIGNIFICANT OTHERS PRESENT PLEASE. Unless you are doing a couples session.)

Please, no props, no spray tans, and absolutely NO WEAPONS will be allowed in the studio at any time. We also do not allow anyone under the age of 18 in the studio, ever.

How does this work?? Your entire experience will last up to 6 hours. Your photographer is going to pose you from head to pointed toe, and help you with a variety of facial expressions! Prepare to be sore after your session, we do a LOT of bending and twisting (it’s quite the workout!). Studio Sessions begin at 12pm (noon) for hair and make-up, we start shooting around 1:30, finish shooting between 2:30 + 3:00, then we break for 75 minutes and you return to the studio for 4:15 for your Reveal + Ordering Appointment!! We will select which images you would like to purchase and how you would like to display them at home! Ordering appointments can take approximately 1-2 hours, so please plan to be at the studio until the latest 6PM! Come prepared to pay in full at your viewing session unless you are taking advantage of our payment plans (more info on this coming to you soon!).

How long does it take to get the albums and prints back? You will receive your images in about 6-8 weeks once your final payment is processed! We usually drop ship everything directly to you in order to keep this process as simple as possible.We do not offer multiple appointments for your reveal, all ordering decisions must be made at your reveal appointment. If you are purchasing your FULL DIGITAL GALLERY, I WOULD STILL LIKE YOU TO HAVE A REVEAL/ORDERING APPOINTMENT TO CONFIRM YOU DO NOT WANT ANY ADDITIONAL PURCHASES. It just won’t be as long. <3

So what do I need to do to book? The Session Fee is $300 and is required to reserve a space on our calendar. Our Session Fee can be paid in full or split into 2 payments of $150. The Session Fee includes: Your Pre-Session Consultation,Private Use of the Boudoir Studio, Professional Hair and Makeup Application,90 Minutes of Photography with Me,Access to our Client Closet, Posing and Expression Coaching, Minimum of 3 Wardrobe Changes, up to 1-Hour Private In-Person Reveal & Image Ordering Appointment **All images are purchased separately from the Session Fee at the Reveal & Image Ordering Appointment**

I need my images by XX date, when should I book? Our studio books up 6-12 months in advance and our printed products can take up to 8 weeks for delivery. If you have a special occasion coming up or wish to book a holiday appointment, I recommend booking 8-12 months in advance of that date.

Can my spouse/friend/mom come to my session or my ordering appointment? Spouse, no. A hype person? Yes. We do not allow spouses or significant others because we want your undivided attention during your session. We want to be able to communicate fully with you with no interruptions. If you choose to bring a hype person, PLEASE let them know that although we appreciate them being there for you, we would like them to be as quiet as possible during instructions to you or if we have any questions for you or if you need to communicate something to us.

What can I expect to spend at my Reveal & Ordering Appointment? Before we have created your images, it is hard for me to give you an exact figure as to what to expect. Some people come to me and just get a basic album, others come to me and want it all and invest several thousands on a variety of products. Keep in mind what you spend is up to you. You can purchase from our Collection Menu or the A La Carte Menu. What I can say is this, if you are looking for a “quick shoot” or “just a few images,” this is not the session for you. We offer an entire day experience and will show you anywhere from 50-100 final images that will be printed on luxury products. It is certainly an investment, one that is worth its weight in gold. You’ll never tire of looking at your images or forget the way the session day made you feel. Our albums begin at $1500 and go all the way up to $2500. Our Collections begin at $2500. Have sticker shock? No worries, we know that this experience is an investment and therefore we offer several different payment plan options. You can split up the cost of any of our products via our interest free in-house payment plan and make smaller monthly or weekly payments towards your purchase leading up to your shoot (usually 6-12 months).