Boudoir is MORE than *sexy* pictures, it is revealing yourself for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you will be. It is a reminder to look at yourself with kinder eyes. It is an outlet to get creative and try something new outside of your comfort zone. It is an umbrella term for an experience that will have you feeling what you should have known all along, YOU ARE WORTHY OF EVERY KINDNESS THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER, YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MORE THAN ENOUGH, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO TAKE UP SPACE, and YOU ARE SIMPLY PUT, MAGNIFICENT.

Hi, there! I’m Kendra-anne! My ULTIMATE goal with being your photographer is to make you feel like THE AMAZING, GORGEOUS, BADASS HUMAN THAT YOU ARE! I like to describe my style of imagery as soft, light, airy, and sometimes “in your face” with color. The white sheet set and cloud set are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES to shoot. I am allowed to get that uber soft, delicate feeling when I photograph them! When I am not in the studio or shooting weddings I am at home watching anime (Fruits Basket, AoT, Snow White with the Red Hair, To Your Eternity, Ascendance of a Bookworm, JJK, Yuri on Ice, Wotakoi, Sailor Moon, are some of my favs), reading fantasy novels (The Wolf Brother Series by Michelle Paver, anything by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes) reading Manga (SWEAT AND SOAP – if you’re a manga reader and want to read about adult relationships THIS HAS TO BE ON YOUR LIST, A Sign of Affection, Cherry magic, An Incurable Case of Love, Something’s Wrong with Us, clearly I have a type of manga I like to read!), watching Kdramas(Tomorrow, Missing : The Other Side, Pachinko, Bulgasal, Boys Over Flowers, Arthdal Chronicles, Vincenzo, Strongest Delivery Man, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Thirty-One, and Itaewon Class being my favorites!)watching all the content on Disney Plus and cuddling my kids before they are too old to want to cuddle me anymore. 

I like to make sure that ALL of my sessions are very custom to your needs. With that said, my goal is to make you feel AMAZING, and to allow you to only worry about getting to the studio on time. I like to explain how to pose you in great detail and show you how to do them. For sessions and weddings I like to send out questionnaires to help get the best results for shot lists, timelines and your MOST WANTED images. I want to make sure that the space we are in together is SAFE. Being a human is hard enough already and we don’t need any negative vibes or doubts hanging around. By allowing discussions about body neutrality, practicing fun + consensual sex, mental health + physical health, and discussing how just as you are, with everything that you have been through and all of the emotions, traumas, obstacles, and successes you have, YOU ARE WORTHY OF EXISTING AND LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT, FULL OF LOVE AND WITH SUPPORT FROM PEOPLE WHO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES. You are ALLOWED to take up space and just EXIST. You are allowed to use your voice. You are WORTHY of EVERY kindness this world has to offer and more.

So, this is my body. As you can see I have a body, thank the Gods above (my sarcasm, ooof.) and I get to experience this life as do you, because you, too, have a body. You can see that I have fat on my body as well as hair and acne and scars and more. What you can’t see is the love I give to my kids, or the work that I have put in to further my spiritual journey, or the work that I have put in to be more social with other creatives (as in introvert who has an awful case of imposter syndrome, that last one has been really hard). What I am saying is my body allows me to live this life and much like my sexual identity, is one of the most boring things about me. Like I said my interests including reading and eating and cuddling my kids, those are the most exciting things about me because it allows me to connect to other humans and create shared experiences with them and I would absolutely love it if you joined me! Self love is an EVERY day practice and some days will definitely be easier than others, but there is one thing that I can guarantee, I am incredibly proud of you for how far you come and for how far you choose to go. This life is so hard, at times, and I want you to know that you are loved, admired, and held dearly in my heart. I can’t wait to see you around.

Serving New Hampshire and all of New England.