Discounted : content session

What is the purpose of a Discounted : Content Session? I like to give my clients that don’t mind me sharing their photos a discount to say thank you! Normally, clients pay a $200 session fee in addition to the cost of their photos.

For a Content Session, I waive the session fee and if you choose to add Professional Hair and Make-up, the non-refundable $200 retainer goes towards the cost of the print or digital collection you choose to purchase during your ordering appointment after your session. If you choose to not include Hair and Make-up, there is no non-refundable retainer, but you do not get an additional $200 towards your session.

What happens to images I don’t purchase? I only share purchased images. Images that aren’t purchased during your session are deleted 3 days after your session.

Can I just do it for the experience? Content Sessions are meant as a way to give back to clients that don’t mind me sharing their images. Since I do not share images that aren’t not purchased, I would prefer to give the date to clients who are looking for the full experience, while also providing a nice discount in return.

Pricing for Images + Products start at $1500, there is a full list at the bottom of this page. The average client spends $1500-$2200 on images.

Why do you offer an additional $200 off for adding Hair and Make-up? Honestly, because we are keeping your money local by hiring an amazing Hair and Make-up Artist to come into the studio. (The BEST thing about being a photographer is being able to hire out awesome humans to help you feel like the Goddess/Themporer/King that you are! I am always about keeping other small business in mind.)

I don’t think a Content Session is for me…That’s okay! I know it isn’t for everybody. Thank you so very much for considering it! It honestly means more than you know. Sending you so much love and light. <3

Digital Images : 15 : $1500$1350$1150
Digital Images : ALL : $2300$2070$1870
Album : 20 images : $1800$1620$1420
Album : 30 images : $2200$2000$1800
Album : 40 images : $2500$2250$2050
Yellow Gold Collection : $2000$1700$1500
White Gold Collection : $2500$2200$2000
Rose Gold Collection : $3000$2700$2500

*You agree that you are over the age of 18 and agree to sign a model release form. If you choose, at any point, to revoke the model release form, you agree to pay the session fee of $500 in order to keep images from being shared. Images will be shared on all social media platforms and possibly in print advertisements.

*Please bring a pair of black or nude colored thongs to wear under any studio garments. You can also bring a few of your own lingerie outfits (or whatever you feel badass in)!! Thank you so very much for applying to the Discount : Content Session Call! <3 If you have any questions please feel free to contact me : or by using the contact form below. <3