Simple Cake Smash

I love shooting Cake Smash Sessions! I would love to market more to celebrating the First Birthdays of your kids! I have always loved milestones but could not really market towards them as my main goal is to be a Wedding Photographer. But, I do want to open a studio and be known as kind, versatile, professional, and good at what I do! So, here it is! My first model call for a Simple Cake Smash Session!


New Year’s Resolutions

So, as a small business owner who has almost completed my first full calendar year in business ( woot woot! 😀 ) I have been thinking a lot about how I want to grow in the year 2019. The number one thing that came to mind was being more financially stable. Yeah, yeah, I make a list of all of my  bills in the back of my notebook and cross them off as I pay them, but I want to be more organized and have a book dedicated strictly for our finances. I should have started out that way, but my simple mind has always been just that, simple. Just make a quick list, write down the total in the bank account then deduct all of the bills as I cross them off my list.

Now, that isn’t a terrible way to do it, I could have not made a list at all. In all honesty, I just want more organization going into 2019 and keep those habits up and functioning.

So, here it is! Thank you to the Etsy Shop Owner of 321done, I now have a Finance Planner! 😀



Another special shout out to http://www.321done.com! I am so excited that I finally have a binder of all the information that I need for each month. (I am not sponsored by them, just sharing my excitement and hope that I will fulfill my 2019 goals!)



Cheers to 2019! Do you have any financial advice for this newbie to Finance Planning? Please share!

-Kendra xx

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Tom + Dani’s Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Private Residence, 9.9.18

I have known Dani, for almost 20 years. She is one of my Sister’s Best Friends. I knew the moment she spoke with me about photographing her wedding I would cry. The amount of emotion from both, Dani + Tom, was incredible. You could feel the meaning behind their words and it was beautiful to witness. Also, snagging that shot of their dog, Anna, protecting them as they said their vows was perfection.

Congratulations, you two. ❤