May 9, 2023

I am opening my books for family sessions….AGAIN. I tried to get away from family sessions because I thought I had to because there were sooooo many people saying to “niche down”. So, that is what I tried to do. I tried to convince myself that I really didn’t want to photograph families anymore but I was honestly lying to myself and I am so excited to add family sessions back into my schedule this year! I have realized that my ULTIMATE goal (besides helping humans feel good) is to capture intimate relationships. Whether that would be with ourselves, with our partners, with our children, with our parents or with our friends. I want to photograph your joy, and playfulness, and love. I want to photograph your family as YOU ARE. With big smiles and movement and snuggles. At first I thought that intimate relationships were only for the people we have sex with. But, honestly, every relationship that we value holds space in our hearts, therefore holds intimate moments.

So, let’s plan your family’s portraits. Let’s take some time to chat to get to know each other, discuss location and wardrobe, set the date and create your memories for your home.

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