Is it Boudoir?

As I evolve as a Woman and as a Photographer and Artist, I have really been struggling with the word ‘Boudoir’. Not that there is anything wrong with the word, but my main focus for your session is to help you FEEL GOOD. I don’t want you to just book a session and have the only expectation be to get pretty sexy pics (which is also completely fine if that is what you are looking for). My goal is to make sure that you FEEL safe and comfortable in my space. I want you to be able to let yourself be yourself. Every session is a collab between you and me. As the Professional in our collab, I will guide you through posing and facial expressions, and make sure that there is no lipstick on your teeth, no lashes are out of place and your hair isn’t sticking up in a way that we don’t want it to. As the Client in our collab, you are responsible for showing up. Showing up for your consultation, where we discuss EVERYTHING, your session, and for YOURSELF. We will talk about a lot of things and make a lot of decisions together. Our relationship will feel familiar after a while and by the time your session comes around, you will already understand the expectations and choices that you will have in studio. The goal is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS make sure that you feel SAFE + COMFORTABLE. SO, creating that collab relationship will help us get there. <3 <3

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