BOUDOIR IS MORE THAN “SEXY” PORTRAITS. IT IS FUN! IT IS POWERFUL! IT IS CONFIDENCE! There is so much more to a Boudoir Session that getting sexy pictures for your significant other to look at. It is a WHOLE FUCKING EXPERIENCE! <3 <3 It can bring you joy, and it can bring things out of you that you never thought possible. YOU CAN SEE YOU AS OTHERS SEE YOU! THE BEAUTIFUL, SMART, CARING, BADASS, THOUGHTFUL, KIND, STUNNING YOU!!!! <3 AND IT IS ALWAYS WORTH THE EXPERIENCE! <3 <3

I strongly dislike using the word “transformation” but in a sense going through a boudoir experience in itself is a transformation of how you view your body. We all have things about our bodies that we may not “love”, but they are a part of our body and will always be there. Our shapes may change as time goes on, but that is OKAY! Our bodies are meant to adapt and change to EVERY STAGE OF LIFE.

SOOOOO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Let’s chat and get you scheduled for your session. You will not regret it. <3 <3

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