So, like EVERY OTHER PERSON ON THE PLANET, well not everyone but a lot of people, I hated being in front of the camera, but that STOPS TODAY, because my weight does not define me. I will continue to fill my fucking cup with kind words to myself. I have always felt that I wasn’t pretty enough, small enough, smart enough, you fucking name it. But, as I was coordinating our outfits, I found a flowy skirt that I fell in LOVE with and had to pair it with a top. All of the tops I found were crop tops. Now, I know what we are conditioned to think : no one wants to see anyone over a size 4 in a crop top or anyone with big boobs should really steer away from them, what if they jump out?! I am definitely not a size 4 or an A cup. I have realized that what we are conditioned to think about beauty is bull shit. Our bodies deserve to be documented as they are. I don’t need to lose weight in order to wear a cute ass top to take portraits in. Our bodies are valuable no matter what size, shape, or color. Our bodies are valuable no matter religion, gender, or identity. We should all be respected as we are for who we are, unless you’re hurting others, if you are then you can kindly go fuck yourself. <3

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