New Year’s Resolutions

So, as a small business owner who has almost completed my first full calendar year in business ( woot woot! 😀 ) I have been thinking a lot about how I want to grow in the year 2019. The number one thing that came to mind was being more financially stable. Yeah, yeah, I make a list of all of my  bills in the back of my notebook and cross them off as I pay them, but I want to be more organized and have a book dedicated strictly for our finances. I should have started out that way, but my simple mind has always been just that, simple. Just make a quick list, write down the total in the bank account then deduct all of the bills as I cross them off my list.

Now, that isn’t a terrible way to do it, I could have not made a list at all. In all honesty, I just want more organization going into 2019 and keep those habits up and functioning.

So, here it is! Thank you to the Etsy Shop Owner of 321done, I now have a Finance Planner! 😀



Another special shout out to http://www.321done.com! I am so excited that I finally have a binder of all the information that I need for each month. (I am not sponsored by them, just sharing my excitement and hope that I will fulfill my 2019 goals!)



Cheers to 2019! Do you have any financial advice for this newbie to Finance Planning? Please share!

-Kendra xx

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